Coaching Your People to Success

Course Description

This program enables managers to align their team members’ visions with that of their organization to ensure they are working for a common purpose. Through coaching, each individual will have an increased sense of self-motivation and control that will be put to use to achieve defined results. One of the main advantages of managing through coaching is that teams will achieve a lot more, and require a lot less time on the front of the manager.

Course Objective

After completing this training, learners will be able to:

Coach their employees to:

  • Set their individual vision
  • Develop a personalized program to achieve each employee’s vision
  • Follow up with their employees in a structured and pre-agreed manner
  • Achieve results.

Delivery Method

This course is designed to be delivered in classroom setting and facilitated by an Impact trainer. The workshop can be conducted over a 2-day period followed by three 2-hour sessions. To allow for practice, the size of the class cannot exceed 10 participants.

Target Audience

Managers who want to empower their employees and entrust them with large responsibilities/ task or simply a job.

Study Material & Tools

  • Each set of participant materials includes:
  • Complete explanations of concepts, examples, and exercises with answer keys
  • Review sections at the end of each module, highlighting key concepts.
  • Case studies that allow the learner to practice each new skill throughout the training

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us