Business Process Improvement

At Impact Consulting our vast process improvement experience across multiple industries, has given us the ability to know what works and what does not. Our clients have confidence that we will guide them along the right path of process re-design.

Process Improvement is defined as the “Systematic approach to closing of process performance gaps through streamlining and cycle time reduction, and the identification and elimination of causes of sub-standard quality of process variation, and of non-value-added activities.”

No organization designs a bad process to start with; however as the years go by and as business needs and customer expectations change so do the processes but not always for the better. Companies respond to business and customer demands by tweaking each process – a little here, and a little there – year after year until the process becomes bloated, inefficient, prone to errors and re-work, and time consuming.

Impact Consulting works with each client to identify and prioritize key processes based on the value at stake. For each identified process we establish an accurate picture of the current state and an exhaustive list of all process issues experienced using detailed process maps. We then, with a cross-functional client team, establish a clear picture of the principle that will guide the development of the “Should Be” state – we call these principles “the Design Guidelines”.
The team and our consultants work on each process to re-design it from the ground up and to develop a roadmap for implementation including responsibilities and timescales.
Our experience across multiple industries has shown that most organizations achieve process cost saves of around 30% which in some core processes translates to hundreds of thousands of dollars in cost saving.

Because Impact Consulting works with each client’s project assigned teams, when the initial round of process improvements are completed, we leave the project teams with strong knowledge in the methodology and approach of effective process improvement which means the organization has the know how to continue improvement long after we are gone.