Strategic & Business Consulting

“You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them.”
– Jay Abraham

Impact Consulting understands the challenges which business and public sector leaders face. We also understand that although challenges may appear similar or identical, the dynamics and realities of each organization means that strategic and business plans will be very much different.
We approach each customer engagement with the foregoing in mind and we begin by familiarizing ourselves with the organization, its people, its successes, its challenges, and its aspirations.

Our business and strategic advisory work revolves around the following four main categories:

1. Vision & 5 year Goals

One of the most critical elements which often escapes attention is the need to re-articulate (when necessary) the organization’s vision and more specifically its 3 to 5 year strategic goals. We start by re-visiting an organization’s vision and in properly defining its strategic goals for the coming 5 years, then we help our clients communicate the message across the organization so that everyone understands how their responsibilities link to the vision.

2. Portfolio Analysis & Strategy Development

The growth of any organization is directly linked to the geographies and markets in which it operates. This is why it is critical to analyze the trends and realities of these markets and identifying the right trends which the organization must capitalize on.

Most organizations manage their business portfolio in a somewhat “budgetary” manner, and they do so year after year with little attention to sub-portfolio opportunities, and quite often without a hard look at whether a particular portfolio should be considered for divestiture.
Impact Consulting works with each client to explore and identify new business opportunities that best serve the organizational vision and goals and which leverages existing strengths and market opportunities.

3. Human Capital

The only asset a company has that is virtually impossible for competitors to replicate is its human capital. Competitors can always buy the same technology that you have, build similar manufacturing plants, and match your marketing programs, but they can never copy your exact human capital talent pool.

Having said this human capital can unfortunately become a trap that organizations fall into, resulting in minimal growth if any year after year. Each year becomes a struggle in budgeting and capital planning.
Yet consistently successful organizations have the ability to re-allocate human capital to existing businesses that have growth potential, and to new businesses which they acquire. These organizations are also successful because they know when to exit unprofitable businesses and move the associated resources to where they are best utilized.
Impact Consulting works with each client to develop a human capital road map that is aligned with strategic and business plans, leading to significant improvement in bottom line results.

4. Corporate Policies & Processes

The best strategic and business plans in the world, and all the human capital re-allocation exercises can fail if an organization does not re-align its corporate policies and procedures so as to support the desired outcomes of the plan. This re-alignment is the golden key to the success of any strategic plan.
We find that organizations often discover a major gap between short term financial results and long term strategic goals rendering the strategic planning exercise to a mere document that soon gathers dust.
Impact works with clients to ensure that business and annual operating plans are consistent and supportive of the strategy, and that corporate policies and processes provide the right balance between short and long term goals.

Finally, at Impact Consulting we thrive on forging true partnerships with our clients and we work with them hand-in-hand through the strategic planning process right through to the implementation of all the plans. From strategy through execution, we help you deliver improved performance by increasing growth and reducing the risks of various strategic choices.