HR Consulting

The only asset a company has that is virtually impossible for competitors to replicate is its human capital. Competitors can always buy the same technology that you have, build similar manufacturing plants, and match your marketing programs, but they can never copy your exact human capital talent pool.

There are three types of HR or HRM consulting firms; those that are large Global Players such as Aon, Hay Group , Mercer, etc; those consulting firms that have a specialized division or unit that provides HR consulting services; and finally HR specialists and professionals who operate on a freelance basis and are typically a one-person operation.
Impact Consulting is a regional consulting organization that has a specialized and highly qualified and effective HRM consulting division. Our consultants are HR professionals who often held very senior HR positions with local, regional and global companies and who have been advising the executive management and boards of directors of public and private organizations.

Our work has helped many companies across the Middle East in the areas of:
– Job Analysis and Evaluation
– Talent and Succession Planning
– Performance Management
– Talent Development
– Workforce Restructuring

More than 70% of successful organizations have indicated that they have an urgent challenge of transforming their human talent before they are able to achieve their strategic objectives over the coming 3 to 5 years. Furthermore, almost all have also indicated that they do not believe their Human Resource Management departments/units are sufficiently equipped to meet the people challenges of the strategic plans.

Our consultants work closely with the HRM leadership of each client in order to analyze and identify the gaps between current HR policies, processes and systems, and those required for the effective execution of the company’s strategic goals. We then develop a detailed road map for the corrective action needed, and work hand in hand with the HR professionals of our clients to implement the plan.

Several of our Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) clients either do not have an HR department/unit or have a very ineffective one. With these clients we work with the executives to assess the type and level of HR expertise required and then work with them hand-in-hand to acquire the needed HR leadership, establish the basic building blocks of talent acquisition, retention and development, establish a performance management system and finally guide the newly established department/unit during the few months that follow.