Advanced Branch Management for Sales and Service

Course Description

Are your sales/branch managers effective at developing your sales professionals?

As we know there are specific skills that separate effective managers from the rest. Most notably, effective managers do not simply revert to the sales tactics that made them “good”. Great sales teams are led by managers that are able to observe and identify specific behaviors to develop during sales interactions. They then provide actionable feedback using direct examples in their development conversations.

Such Sales Managers are strong leader, powerful motivator, efficient organizer, accurate fore-caster, numerate budget-er, and inspired coaches.

Course Objective

This sales management course cover the most essential sales management competencies in terms of leadership, team building performance management and coaching skills to be able to better lead and maintain a motivated sales team to achieve business objectives and continuously monitor performance through effective communication and coaching.

Course Content

The sales role

  • Understand the role of selling and sales management

Management theory

  • Discuss the different theories of leadership
  • Learn how to adopt appropriate leadership styles to lead a sales team
  • Identify ways of improving sales force job satisfaction and performance through effective management and supervision

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