The Art & Science of leadership


The program was designed to be part of an executive development program at any organization. Building business and leadership skills is the single most competitive advantage which an organization can have over its competitors. People is the only non replicable asset which distinguishes one company from another.

Target Audience

This program is suited to managers with no less than two years of middle management experience. The maximum class size is 12. We strongly recommend that the class size does not fall below 8 to ensure maximum interaction and learning.

Program outline

Understanding your personality and leadership style.

  • Formal & informal leadership – Power and Authority; Influence & Persuasion.
  • Strategy – Functional and business-unit strategy formulation; strategy implementation; alignment of strategy and control systems; and growth strategies.
  • Product management and marketing strategy; market segmentation; product positioning; pricing; market analysis and planning; branding; customer acquisition and retention.
  • Operations – Internal processes; technology and operations strategies; product and market capabilities; operations improvements; coordination/supply chain management; new product/process creation and analysis.
  • Change Management – Performance and opportunity gaps; organizational alignment and design skills; organizational culture.
  • Building successful Teams.

Program Outcome

At the end of this program participants should be able to:

  • Examine new techniques for driving results throughout the organization.
  • Formulate a holistic approach to identifying problems, formulating solutions, and adapting to change.
  • Build strategic skills for effective decision making, strategy development, and implementa-tion.
  • Expand the capacity to lead cross-functional initiatives and corporate projects amid challeng-ing global markets.
  • Develop a personal leadership philosophy that reflects greater knowledge, capabilities, and insight.
  • Identify personality style strengths and weaknesses.
  • Understand components of Customer Experience and hence satisfaction.

Program Format

This program is similar to Executive Development programs offered at Harvard, Darden and Co-lumbia University Business Schools.

A professional personality profiling assessment is administered during this program. We strongly recommend that self, peer and subordinate assessments be conducted at least 2 months (60 days) prior to the date of the program. 3 peer, and 3 subordinate assessments are required in addition to the attendees’ self-assessment. It is essential therefore, the list of participants be con-firmed 2 months prior to program start.
The program is designed using the latest techniques of Adult Education and utilises several Expe-riential (Action) Learning simulations, Harvard Business School case studies, as well as individual and team assignments.

The program is delivered by two highly qualified and experienced facilitators.

Duration: Two to Three Days (depends on desired program content)

Program Venue

We strongly recommend that the program be run at a hotel or other suitable venue away from the client’s offices to minimize disruptions and maximize learning.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us