Executive Coaching Skills


Coaching has become one of the key competencies of successful leaders and managers. It can be a powerful way not only to help others improve their performance, but also to build relationships and promote others’ learning and development. Good coaches both get their job done to a higher quality and develop their people at the same time.

Building trusting partnerships and maximizing growth are essential for the success of today’s leaders. Through coaching, you can achieve both when you know how to apply the essential coaching skills.

This three-day workshop will help you develop the essential skills of a successful coach. Exercises and practices will help you learn to hold high-quality coaching conversations. Through activities, discussions and work applications you will deepen your understanding of how coaching works and how you can make the best use of the coaching process.

You will leave with a set of plans and action steps that will enhance your staff’s performance back on the job.

Who should attend

Our program is designed for senior-level managers with at least eight to ten years of business experience, newly appointed Leaders, and Executives who want practical tools and techniques so that they can master the classic elements of coaching and delegation.

How you will benefit

  • Define coaching and recognize the multiple benefits of coaching for the business and the individuals involved.
  • Identify the differences between coaching, mentoring and training.
  • Get to note the differences between bad and good coaching scenarios and the subtleties observed.
  • Change your leadership mode from telling to asking. You will learn how to ask productive questions to explore what a person knows & can do. Asking Productive Questions shows empathy, respect, and promotes mutual learning.
  • Demonstrate respect and willingness to invest in your coachee (the first level of trust).
  • Practice the GROW model and learn how to structure coaching conversations for maximum effectiveness.
  • Learn how to delegate effectively. Delegation is an important and effective management skill allowing coaches to move from what they can do personally to what they can manage.

Facilitation method:

The program employs in-class lecture, “hands on experience” through individual and group activities that enhance learning and facilitate teamwork, group discussion and real-world examples to intensify your learning experience.

Leaving the workshop, you will receive your Participant WorkBook and your Individual Development Plan (IDP).


The 3-day workshop will be delivered in English.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us