Emotional Intelligence in Leadership


Effective leaders possess high levels of emotional intelligence. In this high informative and engaging workshop, leaders learn what emotional intelligence is and how they can harness it to improve their communication, leadership, employee engagement and performance, and consistently build better relationships and high performing resilient teams.

Each participant will take the EQ-i2.0 assessment prior to course attendance and will receive a detailed report to be incorporated into the program.

Who should attend

Our emotional intelligence development program is designed for:

  • Leaders & professionals who need to have in-depth knowledge of human behaviors.
  • Middle and Senior level Managers who are interested in developing themselves to be a better leader.
  • Individuals who wish to understand their emotions and how people and productivity in the workplace are affected.

Key topics to be covered

  • The pillars of organizational success
  • What is emotion and emotional intelligence (EI)?
  • EI and engagement
  • How is my EI related to my IQ?
  • Intrapersonal and Interpersonal skills
  • The Johari Window and building of trust
  • Confidence and the confidence matrix
  • Great leadership works with emotions
  • Change and the role of EI
  • EI and Coaching

How you will benefit

  • Develop effectiveness as a leader through emotional intelligence comprehensive skill building.
  • Increase the understanding of your emotional intelligence in a leadership role.
  • Tune into your self-awareness and see yourself as others do.
  • Explore key areas of leadership in relation to emotional intelligence.
  • Become a change catalyst and help others embrace the transition.
  • Understand the key elements of your EQ-i2.0 report.
  • Articulate your strengths and those areas with opportunity for growth.
  • Apply what you have learned in the session by developing a personal EQ-i2.0 action plan.

Facilitation method:

The program employs in-class lecture, “hands on experience” through individual and group activities that enhance learning and facilitate teamwork, group discussion and real-world examples to intensify your learning experience.

Leaving the workshop, you will receive your Participant WorkBook, your EQ-i2.0 report, and your Individual Development Plan (IDP).


The 2-day workshop will be delivered in English.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us