Effective Selling Skills

Course Description

The Effective selling training program is crucial for Sales Consultants and even Customer Service Associates performing sales activities. This course will enhance the understanding of the selling cycle with all its components and stages as well as the acknowledgement of the relationship selling versus the traditional selling enabling to improve competencies and boost positive performance.

 This program is designated to enhance competencies, by means of improving knowledge, skills and abilities amongst participants. The outcome of the program is a motivating change towards reaching targets by using different techniques and tools that ensure business growth and profitability.

Program objectives:

  • Understand selling and how it evolved
  • Learn the important characteristics of the salesperson
  • Acquire the importance of effective selling and the selling cycle
  • Cross-selling and up-selling tools
  • Determine the traits of a successful salesperson
  • Manage efficiently customer data base
  • Presenting solutions- the need-benefit formula
  • Handle customer objections
  • Account strategy- managing the relationship

Program Duration

The program can be conducted over a 2 or 3-days period as per customer requirements

Delivery Method

Course is designed to be delivered in classroom setting and facilitated by an Impact instructor.

Target Audience

This program is suitable to Sales Associates / Consultant, Customer Service Associates and any person engaged in Sales activities.

Study Material & Tools

Program modules include case studies, role plays, self-assessments, and experiential exercises. This will ensure maximum learning and ongoing engagement and involvement of all participants.

Program Language

All program materials will be in English or Arabic as per the customer’s preferences. The actual training sessions will be conducted by Facilitators fluent in both Arabic & English.

Number of attendees per training session

It is strongly suggested that the number of attendees per session does not fall below 15 and does not exceed 22.

For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us