The Cross Functional Process Mapping Facilitator Training


Successful Process improvement initiatives require skillful facilitation by a party not directly involved in the process under review.  Cross-functional team dynamics, and interaction can be effectively and successfully managed to achieve the desired objectives, through the skillful facilitation of a CFPM Facilitator.

CFPM facilitators must attend this training as a pre-requisite to attending an actual process improvement session as co-facilitators, and certainly before eventual certification.

Learning Outcome:

The program, leveraging on learning from the advanced quality training program, will take participants into a more in-depth understanding of Cycle Time Reduction through the techniques of process mapping.  Phases of mapping are discussed including detailed understanding and practical exercise on session Preparation, Project, team selection, champion & Sponsor selection.

Participants will learn how to conduct the first mapping session, how to coach the Team Leader, Team Members, Action Item Owners, and  Project Sponsor.

Finally, the program focuses on project management and follows up with emphasis on measurement, recognition and communication.

Program Duration

The program can be conducted over a 4 to 5-day period

Target Audience:

Any nominated officer intending to become a professional CFPM facilitator.

Delivery Method

Lectures, Experiential Exercises, Group Discussions, and Practice Sessions with Individual Coaching.

Program Language

All program materials will be in English.

he actual training sessions will be conducted by Facilitators fluent in both Arabic & English.

Number of attendees per training session

It is strongly suggested that the number of attendees per session does not exceed 12.


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us