Integrated Project & change Management


This integrated Change Management workshop combines both the topics of Change management, “The Human” perspective, as well as Change Control Management, The “Integrated” approach in Project Management.

It explores technical and managerial challenges of project management in general and provides participants with up-to-date information on how good project, program, and portfolio management can help companies achieve organizational success. The topics addressed in this workshop range from project selection techniques, project planning, budgeting, risk analysis, resource management to project monitoring and termination.

Change management into how to adopt project management framework, and project management standards are also tackled in a theoretical and practical manner leading employees to the adoption of the changes that emanate out of applying project management best practices. This course even prepares you to plan taking the PMP certification known worldwide to improve your work performance.

Program objectives:

  • Participants Outcomes

Participants gain knowledge and skills in:

  1. Understanding the importance of Integrated Change Control in a project environment
  2. Controlling changes and managing risks in project environment
  3. Dealing with the “Human” aspects in any uncertain situation as in project environment
  4. Participants will be able to learn Project Management Standards and the importance of Project Management in organizations as well as how to adopt different strategies to be in line with any change resulting in related project initiatives. Trainees will use concepts, principles, and theories from core business professional knowledge.
  5. Participants will learn will be able to take the right decisions at the right time in various situations. They will understand how project management decisions are reached, what tradeoffs are made, and how outcomes depend on the underlying data.
  • Organization Outcome

Increase the likelihood of meeting project performance baselines, such as scope baseline, schedule baseline, and cost baseline

Program Duration

The program can be conducted over a 3-day period

Delivery Method

Course is designed to be delivered in classroom setting and facilitated by an Impact instructor.

Target Audience

This program is suitable to project managers, team leaders, supervisors and senior managers.

Study Material & Tools

Participants will be given hands on training on project schedule using Microsoft Project 2013. We will share as well practical experience on how to manage the scope, budget, schedule, and quality of projects, in addition to how to perform several project management tasks. The goal is to understand how project management decisions are reached, what trade-offs is made, and how outcomes depend on the underlying situation.

Program Language

All program materials will be in English.

The actual training sessions will be conducted by Facilitators fluent in both Arabic & English.

Number of attendees per training session

It is strongly suggested that the number of attendees per session does not exceed 15.


For further information or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us